Insuring a Bright Future

Insuring a Bright FutureInsuring a Bright FutureInsuring a Bright Future

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I’m not sure, but I’m almost positive, that all music came from New Orleans.

 Ernie K. Doe 

Emperor of the Universe 



Meet Bryan Duplantier

 In a city like NOLA, it takes a certain something to be somebody you’d remember. Meet Bryan Duplantier, risk management impresario and La Nouvelle-Orléans native son. 

In the pages of this website you’ll find evidence Mr. Duplantier has that certain something. His professional endeavors might be surpassed by a diverse set of personal interests; on any given day you could find him operating any one of several insurance related businesses,  possibly honing his serve on the courts of Metairie Country Club or searching for speckled trout in Hopedale. But if you do catch up to Mr. Duplantier, you’ll likely enjoy a friendly conversation with an intelligent renaissance man.


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You can contact Mr. Duplantier at your convenience via this website or at to discuss business or just catch up on a personal level. Continue browsing to learn more about the professional and personal areas of his life.

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